William Vick

Debra Young, Interior Designer

“As an Interior Designer, I consider Bill Vick one of my most valuable relationships. We have worked together on several projects over the past couple of years and  I have been exceptionally pleased with the final product in each. Bill gets excited about making furniture and it is obvious that this is a true passion for him. He is knowledgeable about the materials he uses, the structural integrity of the pieces he makes, and the designs that fit both criteria! He is meticulous without being tiring, creative but open to ideas, and unsurpassed in craftsmanship.  Pleasant and easy to work with, this soft spoken guy is a true artist!”

Darien and John  D., Restoring Log Cabin

“Bill’s work exemplifies craftsmanship. He listens to our ideas, interprets them creatively , and maintains a sense of humor throughout the process. He explains everything, illustrating different points as needed, and provides beautiful drawings. You know what to expect when Bill is designing a piece for you. His furniture --- your furniture --- is made with respect for the wood (he appreciates the beauty and individuality of the lumber), is made with love and delivered in a professional manner. We love our reclaimed heart pine kitchen and other pieces!”

Gayle Arnold, Oriental Rug Trader

“To quote John Keats, “ A thing of beauty is a joy for ever; Its loveliness increases” No words could better describe the handmade furniture of William Vick of Goochland, Va. I am very lucky to have seven Vick pieces, some from over twenty years ago. These are top quality works made by a top quality maker, a man that loves his craft. Each handmade piece is one-of-a-kind. From the selection and milling of the the most beautiful woods to the loving craftsmanship and timeless woodworking techniques exhibited by each piece, William Vick, the craftsman and artist, works with each client to create a true family heirloom.”

Steve D., Financial Analyst

“Bill Vick has made virtually every piece of furniture in my home. From the faithful reproductions of timeless classics to contemporary cutting edge designs, the craftsmanship and materials are always of the highest quality.  Bill is a real pleasure to work with and a true artisan who puts his heart and soul into each project. Simply put, he is the best furniture maker I have encountered.”